"Tim is the best guitar teacher I could imagine. " - Brandon
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What this book will teach you
Even if you've never even touched a guitar before, this workbook will walk you through step-by-step and day-by-day exactly what you should do to start playing the songs you love. We're not talking about Hot Cross Buns or Mary Had a Little Lamb here. These are songs you actually want to learn how to play on the guitar: Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Ed Sheeran, etc.

Inside, You'll Also Learn:
  • The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar
  • How Learning the Guitar Can Take a Few Weeks to Learn (and not months or years like most teachers will have you think).
  • Why Traditional Guitar Lessons Fail (and What to do About it)
  • The Six Things NO ONE Has Told You About Learning Guitar
  • How Learning New Songs (... songs YOU actually want to learn to play... ) can be Quick and Easy.

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